Diego Rivera: His Art and His Passions (Temporis Collection)

Gerry Souter

"I was aware of Diego Rivera, the Mexican muralist, long before I encountered the many other "Diego Riveras" that roamed the world between the beginning of the twentieth century and the late 1950s. [...] While his easel paintings and drawings constitute a large body of both his early and late work, his unique murals explode off walls in virtuoso performances of mind-staggering organisation. On those walls the man, his legend and myths, his technical talent, his intense story-telling focus and self-indulgent ideological convictions all come together." (Gerry Souter) Gerry Souter, the author of the remarkable Frida Kahlo, overcomes his huge admiration for Diego Rivera to give the artist a human dimension, found in his political choices, his love affairs and his belief that "this truth was Mexico, the language of his thoughts, the blood in his veins, the azure sky above his resting place."

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