Guide to Financial Management

John Tennent

With organizations driven to deliver on performance targets, such as shareholder value or level of service, managers are expected to make decisions fully understanding their financial consequences. Few nonfinancial specialists are prepared for the responsibilities of dealing with management reports, budgets, and capital proposals. Many find themselves confused by jargon and embarrassed by their lack of understanding.

Guide to Financial Management is a practical resource for understanding and managing these financial responsibilities. It is structured by task, such as “how to assemble a budget” or “how to construct a proposal to invest in new equipment.”

John Tennent—who has worked with such major companies as Kraft, Thomson, British Airways, Unilever, and Universal Music—helps the reader understand financial jargon, financial statements, performance measures, budgeting, costing, pricing, decision making, and investment appraisals—all of which are key to being a successful manager.

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