LEGENDS OF BLACKJACK: True Stories of Players Who Crushed the Casinos

This book is unlike any other blackjack book because it contains the true stories of the ingenious pioneers who unraveled the secrets to winning at blackjack, and the legendary blackjack players and teams who used this information to win millions of dollars in casinos throughout the world.

You'll Read About:

- The true story of the MIT Team, and how the team, led by John Chang and Mike Aponte, won millions from casinos in Las Vegas, Atlantic City, the Caribbean, and Connecticut.
- How Frank Salerno developed and implemented the revolutionary Big Player ploy for his successful blackjack teams.
- How Ed Thorp invented card counting and tested his strategy in Reno.
- The history and story behind the development and use of the concealed blackjack computers first developed by the genius Keith Taft and later refined by Mickey Weinberg (including rare photos of these computers).
- The colorful blackjack story of Tommy "The Terminator" Andropulis, one of the most feared blackjack players of all time.
- The stories and contributions made by the great blackjack teachers and pioneers: Stanford Wong, Ralph Stricker, Anthony Curtis, Donald Schlesinger, Bryce Carlson, and others.
- Plus the world's best blackjack players, the greatest innovators, the smartest guys, the greatest achievements, and an answer to the question: "Who is the greatest player of all time?"

Blackjack Legends Covered in the Book:

- George Hascick, who made a daring escape from communist Czechoslovakia, and was the inspiration behind the famous and feared Czech blackjack team.- Joe Nevded, one of the most daring globetrotters on the card counting circuit, who boldly went to far-away casinos where few had gone before.
- John Chang, the inspiration behind the legendary MIT Team.
- Mike Aponte, one of the most successful MIT Big Players.
- Frank Salerno, who invented the Big Player concept and won millions from casinos around the world.
- Tommy Hyland, who managed high-stakes blackjack teams comprised of "honest, average people."
- Keith Taft, who was the first to invent concealed blackjack computers.
- Mickey Weinberg, who also used concealed blackjack computers for enormous profits in the new field of shuffle tracking.
- Steve Einbinder, who pushed the envelope in ethical areas while he crushed casinos with a vengeance, mostly by playing lucrative hole-card games.
- Tommy "The Terminator" Andropulis, one of the most aggressive and controversial card counters in the card-counting community.
- Stanford Wong, the guru of blackjack, who wrote the classic book Professional Blackjack, and launched the bj21.com web site and Current Blackjack News newsletter.
- Edward Thorp, the mathematical genius who became the founding father of card counting.
- Bryce Carlson, who developed a persona that allowed him to maximize his winning opportunities, and who shared many of his hard-earned secrets in the best-selling book “Blackjack for Blood.”
- Ralph Stricker, "The Elder Statesman of Blackjack," who made playing and teaching blackjack a career and developed the "Silver Fox" card counting system.
- Anthony Curtis, who won many high-profile blackjack tournaments, and is the publisher of the famous Las Vegas Advisor newsletter.

About the Authors:

By nearly all standards, Kevin Blackwood has led a very intriguing life. Over the last two decades, he's been one of the most successful card counters in the world. This unusual and fascinating vocation has provided him with numerous hair-raising stories to share with friends, and inspired him to write several books about gambling.

Similarly, Larry Barker also has an unusual background. The youngest Ph.D. in his field at age 23, and later the youngest full professor at 29, Larry has taught hundreds of students and professionals the "ins and outs" of statistics and probability theory. Both Kevin and Larry were featured in televised blackjack tournaments, and they have successfully beaten the casinos at their own game.

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