Push: 50 Secrets on How to Land a Job by Creating Social Media Buzz

Nelson Wang

Job hunting used to be so much simpler.

All you had to do was follow a simple set of rules:
1. Write a resume
2. Submit it to a company (online or in person)
3. Interview
4. Rinse and repeat with multiple companies
5. Cross your fingers and hope someone hires you

Admit it, you’ve gone through this process, haven't you?

This was a decent method for landing your dream job - years ago! The rules have changed. We’ve gone through an unprecedented time with the financial crisis. Jobless rates are sky high. The job market has become ultra-competitive.

Here’s the bottom line: Job hunters can no longer play by the same rules and expect to land their dream job. You’ve got to stand out from the crowd.

This book will help you push yourself towards your dream job by:

★ Sharing 50 tips on how to leverage social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Prezi, SlideRocket) and networking techniques to land your dream job
★ 10 core philosophies to guide you in your job hunting journey
★ Learn the secrets to how I was able to get recruiters from Google, HP, Verizon, Apple and other top private companies reach out to me about job opportunities!
★ Best practices I've learned from hiring practices at Fortune 100 companies and numerous interviewing sessions and seminars at colleges

Don't be dragged down into the crowd of endless paper resumes - It’s time for you to push your resume, your social media skills and yourself to new heights.

Are you ready to push?

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