With Charity For All: Why Charities Are Failing and a Better Way to Give

Ken Stern

Each year, the average American household donates almost $2700 to charity.  Yet, most donors know little about the American charitable sector and the nonprofit organizations they support.  In With Charity For All, former NPR CEO Ken Stern exposes a field that few know: 1.1 million organizations, 10% of the national workforce, and $1.5 trillion in annual revenues.  He chronicles the many flaws in the charity system, from tax-exempt charities such as bowl games,  roller derby leagues, and beer festivals, to charitable hospitals that pay their executives into the millions, to--worst of all--organizations that raise millions of dollars without ever cracking the problem they have pledged to solve.
With Charity For All provides an unflinching look at the philathropic sector but also offers an inspiring prescription for individual giving and widespread reform.

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